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One Time Password [OTP] on Your Cell Phone

When the issue of high mobility arises, then an alternative to Digi-Access™ is required. Cell-OTP™ ‘fills the gap’ between Digi-Access™ and complete mobility by using your cell phone to generate one-time-passwords [OTP]. As implied in the name, these passwords can only be used once and because they are generated on the users personal cell phone device, are impossible to copy, steal or reuse.

Cell-OTP™ is not an SMS OTP solution and should not be confused with this type of offering. SMS OTP services are unreliable and often costly to use as a long-term OTP solution (because of the cost of the SMSs).

Benefits of Cell-OTP™
How it Works

Cell-OTP™ is issued by the Cell-OTP™ Authentication System [COAS] system. Cell-OTP™ application that is installed on the cell phone can be downloaded manually to your phone or it can be sent over the GSM newtork and installed directly on the phone.

The COAS system is used to enable/disable users and to add additional site access details to the cell phone. The Cell-OTP™ application on the cell phone is synchronised with the COAS that can be delivered as installable software or offered as a cloud based service.

Where Cell-OTP™ is Most Effective
Choosing your Cell-OTP™

Cell-OTP™ can be supplied in either of two ways:

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