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Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system
PKI Certificate Authority [CA] System

Digi-CA™ is the complete system for organisations that would like to have their own Certificate Authority [CA]. Scalable from the smallest of environments to the largest, no other CA system is as flexible, user-friendly or as easy to customise or manage.

Digi-CA™ issues many different digital certificates and digital signatures. These can be used in smart cards, ID cards or National ID card systems. And they can also be used for Machine Readable Travel Documents [MRTD], or in USB token based infrastructures.

Digi-CA™ RAMC Administrator


End User Application Process


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Digi-CA™ also offers excellent, and easy to implement, security solutions for SaaS and 'Cloud Computing'. It is also an ideal 'add-on' for organisations wishing to join the ARP Network.

Choosing a CA System

Digi-CA™ is suitable for any size organisation and with its unique flexibility it can be adapted to any requirement or environment. Before choosing your CA system, you should understand the difference between Traditional CAs and the distinct benefits of choosing Digi-CA™.

Traditional CA systems are delivered in two ways:

However, the design and flexibility in Digi-CA™ makes it possible to have a third, very useful, option:

A single install of the Digi-CA™ Server Software CA system can serve a few hundred users and can be scaled (with minimal, if any, service interruption) to a large deployment serving millions of users. This flexibility also enables the migration of a traditional CA to Digi-CA™ with minimal service interruptions. This unrivalled scalability, and the ability to migrate from older CA systems, makes Digi-CA™ a 'sound investment' for your organisation.

Using Digital Certificates

Digi-CA™ is the core application at the centre of your Public Key Infrastructure [PKI] and can be used to issue digital certificates/signatures for the following uses:

Using Digi-CA™ Service all of these certificates can be completely outsourced and managed under Total Trust Management™ [TTM™]

In Industry

Digi-CA™ Service provides two factor authentication certificates for any sized organisation. It can also be used to digitally sign documents and forms as part of a workflow or other process. And also offers secure email and email encryption.

In Government

Large enterprises, governments, public authorities and large public service organisations will sometimes insist on ownership of the complete CA infrastructure and seek to have it certified. And Digi-CA™ Server is the ideal choice for this type of environment.

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