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Using Digital Signatures/e Signatures On Line

To digitally sign a document or file, you need an application that will use your Digi-ID™ digital signature/e signature, and apply it. Digi-Seal™ is that application and there are three different types that can be used in almost any environment.

Before explaining the different versions of Digi-Seal™, it may be useful to watch these videos:

Using Digi-Seal™ Service Online


Using Digi-Seal™ Server In-House


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Watch Video. Duration 2:07 Minutes

Three Different Types of Digi-Seal™

The three different types of Digi-Seal™ are:


- PDF Signing (signs PDFs on your PC)

- PDF & XML Signing (signs PDFs online or part of a workflow)

- Sign Any File (signs any file or data upload online/internally)

Overview of the Different Types

Digi-Seal™ Desktop

Digi-Seal™ Service

Digi-Seal™ Server

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Who is Using Digi-Seal™

Digi-Seal™ is widely used across most of North America and Europe by federal, state and local government and by enterprises and organisations of every size. The following is a sample of some of the places these different digital signature/e signature applications are used:

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