Digi-Access™ Cloud : Two Factor Authentication

Authentication in the Cloud

Many owners and operators of cloud based computing systems offer usernames and passwords to 'secure' user access. This is something that the user knows and is referred to as 'single factor authentication'. Increasingly, these cloud systems are experiencing unauthorised access issues, unauthorised password sharing and other vulnerabilities that affect both system performance and, in the case of service operators, revenue too.

Digi-Access™ Strong Authentication


Digi-Access™ Two Factor Authentication


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Two factor authentication is the solution that combines something that the user owns (e.g. a Digi-Access™ certificate) with something that they know (i.e. the username and password). This increases access security and, if the operator/vendor joins the ARP Network, will even help to increase revenue.

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Also note that if your industry requires that you comply with Know Your Customer [KYC] legislation, Digi-Access™ offers a powerful and complete solution to these compliance requirements.

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Benefits of Digi-Access™ Cloud
Simple Setup & Activation

As there are only three steps, a basic setup of Digi-Access™ should be possible in less than a few hours. The three simple steps are:

1. If required, change the location of the Login page
2. Configure the server to use Digi-Access™ certificates for two factor authentication    
2.5 Customise the IIS error pages (IIS Only)
3. Invite users to get their Digi-Access™ Certificate and approve successful applicants
Extensive Compatibility

Digi-Access™ is compatible with 27 different servers, so adding the second layer of security to your SaaS service does not require any re-programming of your existing environment. It literally 'sits in front' of your current SaaS system.

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