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Mobile Authentication

More and more users are accessing web based systems from mobile devices. Authentication using just username|password is something that they know and is referred to as 'single factor authentication'. Increasingly, these web systems are vulnerable to unauthorised access. To prevent this, a 'second layer' of protection called 'two factor authentication', is required.

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Digi-Access™ Two Factor Authentication


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Whether accessing from the desktop or the mobile device (smart phone, tablet, iPad, etc), two factor authentication is something that you own/posses (e.g. a Digi-Access™ certificate) combined with something that you know (i.e. the username and password). And this is the preferred security option to strengthen user access.

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Benefits of Digi-Access™ Mobile
Setup & Activation

Digi-Access™ relies on the web browser capabilities inside the mobile device. To enable Digi-Access™ Mobile, both the server and the mobile device must be configured separately.

The server setup requires three simple steps:

1. If required, change the location of the Login page
2. Configure the server to use Digi-Access™ certificates for two factor authentication    
2.5 Customise the IIS error pages (IIS Only)
3. Invite users to get their Digi-Access™ Certificate and approve successful applicants

The following are setup requirements for a smart phone or tablet:

1. Invited user completes the online application form and submits it
2. User receives an email to download the Digi-Access™ certificate and store it on the device    
3. Depending on the device (e.g. Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc) the downloaded certificate is then manually imported into the relevant keystore to complete the process
Extensive Compatibility

Digi-Access™ Mobile is compatible with 27 different servers and most modern smart phones and tablets (contact support to check your specific device), so adding the second layer of security to web access does not require any re-programming of your existing environment. It literally 'sits in front' of your current web-based system.

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