Three Digi-SSL™ Options : Electronic Signature : Single Sign On Authentication :

Three Digi-SSL™ Options

The three different Digi-SSL™ certificates are as follows:


- Corporate SSL w/ insurance, telephone support & free replacement

- Low Cost SSL w/ email support only

- Multiple Domain SSL w/ insurance, telephone support & free replacement

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Digi-SSL™ Xs

Digi-SSL™ Xp

Digi-SSL™ Xg

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Updating, Upgrading & Migrating

If you are responsible for issuing and managing all the SSLs in your organization and you use 5 or more each year, then you should consider the Digi-SSL™ Service and see how this system could make your life a lot easier. Or perhaps you are considering upgrading, migrating or updating to Digi-SSL™ Service and need a clearer understanding. Read more >

Extensive Compatibility

Digi-SSL™ is compatible with 27 different servers and is also compatible with all of the most commonly used browsers.

Multiple Domain SSL Certificates

Unified Communication Certificates [UCC] and wildcard certificates requirements are provided by the Digi-SSL™ Xg certificate.

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