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  • Digi-Access™ Strong Authentication

    Digi-Access™ offers the best two factor, strong authentication required by web-based systems. Password login security is strengthened by adding a second, critical layer of security. No hardware or software required. Configuration is simple. Deployment and management are easy. Read more >
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  • Digi-CA™ Certificate Authority

    This complete PKI / CA system is suitable for any size organisation and with its unique flexibility it can adapt to almost any environment. Your Digi-CA™ can be delivered in three unique ways: as a Managed CA service; as installed CA Software; or as a Dedicated / Hosted CA system. Read more >
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  • Digi-Seal™ Signature Applications

    Digi-Seal™ solutions can be used to sign PDF documents, web forms, files, other document formats and can be integrated into workflow systems. All Digi-Seal™ systems use Digi-ID™ digital signatures to replace handwritten signatures across the workplace. Read more >
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