Digi-Seal™ Desktop

Using Digital Signatures/e Signatures on Your PC

If you have not already done so, download Digi-Seal™ desktop now. Digi-Seal™ desktop can be used by anyone to sign PDF document using their Digi-ID™ digital signature.

Getting Your Digi-ID™ e Signature


Using Digi-ID™ w/ Digi-Seal™ Desktop


Watch Video. Duration 1:59 Minutes


Watch Video. Duration 4:18 Minutes

Benefits of Digi-ID™
Using Digi-Seal™ Desktop

Using Digi-Seal™ to apply Digi-ID™ digital signatures to PDF documents is simply a case of going to the document on your computer and then using right-click, you apply the Digi-ID™ digital signature.

How it Works


The Digi-Seal™ Desktop software identifies the PDF document format and because PDFs comply automatically with the Digi-ID™ digital signature standard, it signs the document with ease.

To use Digi-Seal™ Desktop you must have a valid license key and a Digi-ID™ digital signature. Otherwise, this splash screen will appear advising you to purchase a Digi-Seal™ license.

Digi-Seal™ Desktop Compatibility

The Digi-Seal™ Desktop works on any 32-bit Operating system, namely:

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