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Simple & Strong Two Factor Authentication [2FA]

Securing any on line system with usernames and passwords (single factor authentication) may not offer the level of protection and security your organisation needs. Adding a 'second layer' of protection, called 'two factor authentication' [2FA], is the preferred security option that strengthens the existing username and password access.

Digi-Access™ Strong Authentication


Digi-Access™ Two Factor Authentication


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Two factor authentication [2FA] is something that you own/posses (e.g. a Digi-Access™ certificate) combined with something that you know (i.e. the username and password). And this is the preferred security option to strengthen user access.

There are alternative two factor authentication [2FA] solutions but none are as easy to implement, or as compatible as Digi-Access™. It literally 'sits in front' of your current systems and for ARP members is a simple additional revenue 'add-on'.

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Benefits of Digi-Access™

Where Digi-Access™ is Most Effective

Simple Setup & Activation
As there are only three steps, a basic setup of Digi-Access™ should be possible in less than a few hours. The three simple steps are:

1. If required, change the location of the Login page
2. Configure the server to use Digi-Access™ for two factor authentication [2FA]    
2.5 Customise the IIS error pages (IIS Only)
3. Invite users to get their Digi-Access™ Certificate and approve successful applicants
Extensive Compatibility

Digi-Access™ is compatible with 27 different servers, so adding this second layer of security access does not require any re-programming of your existing environment.

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