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Digital Signatures/e Signatures

Digi-ID™ Xp are digital signatures and Digi-ID™ Xe are qualified signatures. These signatures make it possible to trust electronic transactions as if they were printed on paper and signed by a trusted business partner.

A Digi-ID™ signature is the digital equivalent of a wax seal/stamp that certifies the signed data as genuine, original and unaltered. Any attempt to change the data after the Digi-ID™ has been applied will result in a clearly visible error message.

Getting Your Digi-ID™ e Signature


Using Digi-ID™ w/ Digi-Seal™ Desktop


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Digi-IDs™ are used by specific individual people, or organisations, that want to streamline paper based processes and/or replace them with the more efficient, digital equivalent. Each Digi-ID™ is issued and managed by the Digi-CA™ Certificate Authority [CA] system.

To ease the introduction and distribution of digital signatures across any organisation, the entire process can be completely managed and outsourced under Total Trust Management™ [TTM™]. And for complete mobility, there is the Digi-ID™ roaming solution to enable the use of these digital signatures from 'anywhere'.

Benefits of Digi-ID™
Using Digi-IDs™

Digi-ID™ digital signatures can be used to sign:

Choosing your Digi-ID™

For individual users and depending on the security requirements, the Digi-ID™ digital signatures can be installed on their computer, Digi-Token™ or Digi-Card™. In the case of EU qualified digital signatures, Digi-ID™ Xe are supplied on a Secure Signature Creation Device [SSCD], such as a Digi-Card™.

The Digi-ID™ Server is supplied when representing an organisation in most jurisdictions. However, in the case of the EU, the Digi-ID™ Server Xe digital signature should be used and it must be installed on an SSCD such as a Digi-Card™ or HSM.

The Digi-CAST1™ consulting team can advise you on your jurisdiction and what type of Digi-ID™/Digi-ID™ Server digital signature you require:

Digi-ID™ Setup & Activation

Getting Digi-ID™ digital signatures to the end users is very straightforward and there are three simple steps:

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