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e-Invoices & Electronic Invoicing

Compliant electronic invoicing systems require that a valid Digi-ID™ digital signature is used to sign the e-invoice. Typically, the e-invoice will be a PDF and other formats can also be signed. And once set up, the Digi-Bill™ system can be used for e-invoice, e-statements, reminders, etc.

Using Digi-Seal™ Desktop


Using Digi-Seal™ Service Online


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Benefits of Digi-Bill™
Digi-Bill™ Server or Service

Digi-Bill™ Server is an e-invoice signing solution where all your invoices, bills and statements use an installed Digi-ID™. The Digi-ID™ can be installed on a server of your choosing, the cost is annual and unlike competing products, its use is unrestricted (i.e. there is no 'per document' charges).

Digi-Bill™ Service is the equivalent managed service option. The e-invoices are signed with a Digi-ID™ digital signature in the name of your organisation and the service is charged on a 'per document' basis.

Choosing your Digi-Bill™

Digi-Bill™ can be supplied for installation on a server or as a service from outside your environment and there are four separate options to consider:

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