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Identity & Age Verification System [IDV]

If you need a reliable system for identifying new customers or want to comply with Know Your Customer [KYC] legislation and/or Anti-Money Laundering [AML], the Identity & Age Verification [IDV] service is now available to all our customers and ARP members.

Working in co-operation with Global Data Company [GDC], this service is now available in more than thirty five countries.

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The simplest and best way to test our service submit a sample set of records and have us analyse them for you. That way you can see the results 'first hand'. Use the following template and upload your data file. Once the sample has been analysed, the report will be emailed to you.

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Sample should be 100 records, or less

How it Works

The user's name and address details are entered into a web form as part of your registration process. When the form is submitted, the data is passed through the IDV script on your website that connects to the IDV service. The IDV service then compares the data entered against the stored data to verify if the person is, who they claim to be.

IDV is a live database specifically designed to receive and respond to a large number of data verification requests. Data is collected, maintained and updated on a continuous basis and is always current. The actual data is taken from a large number of resources that are then cross checked for accuracy, as follows:.

Benefits of IDV
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